Hyperbubble – Attack Of The Titans

Hyperbubble – Attack Of The Titans
Pure Pop For Now People – FOR05
Avante garde may be too light of a description here. A lot of strangeness is to be expected as this is the fifth effort by the Texas-based innovative futuristic electro-pop duo Hyperbubble. If you put the B-52’s, Kraftwerk, and maybe The Postal Service in a blender, you get the idea of the throbbing intensity happening here. This is the actual soundtrack for a mini movie, so it is mostly instrumental although there is some narration as well as the robotic vocal enhancement in “Sky Smasher,” one of the best tracks with a solid amount of hookiness and subtly bizarre twists to really catch the listener. Pulsing rhythmic soundscapes like the Terminator-esque “Pure Panic” and the spacey groove of “Photographic Evidence” are further examples that these guys are really talented and can stretch the envelope enough to breath serious life into a genre that can often seem too cold and calculated. Since this is a soundtrack to a short movie, the CD itself is pretty brief, but Hyperbubble crams a ton of enjoyment into these twenty-two odd minutes, catching your ears enough to entice you to check out the rest of their catalogue. – MW



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