Review Capsules by Mark Waterbury

Michael Packer – “I Am The Blues” My Story Vol. 3
IMG Records
A bright light in the blues chandelier burned out in May when Michael Packer lost his tenacious fight with cancer. He left behind an incredible musical legacy, punctuated by this excellent final collection. Introducing each track with a verbal story of what inspired the track, Michael’s perspectives translate wonderfully into songs with influential ranges from bare bones blues to hip-hop, country to jazz. This final gift is a wonderful reminder of how talented Michael is and how much his activism-fueled blues will be missed.
Gerry Spehar – I Hold Gravity
Before going into a non-music profession, Gerry Spehar opened for the likes of Merle Haggard, Townes Van Zandt, and Boz Scaggs. Now, once again, turning his passion to music, it is obvious that Gerry has drawn influences from those legends while still pouring his own heart and soul into his writing. Twisting in a subtle portion of blues along with a road-map of Americana vibes, this is a delectable, ear-opening journey of music that is rootsy, gritty, powerful yet soothing. With the rebirth of more roots-oriented country, Gerry has picked the perfect time to make a comeback – and his love for music obviously never left him.


Mike Younger – Little Folks Like You And Me

Mike Younger – Little Folks Like You And Me
With his fourth album, Mike Younger proves why he is highly respected as a singer-songwriter and performer. Mike never holds back on unleashing his talents and passions, weaving his heady blend of roots folk, country, blues, and Americana into songs that touch your soul and grip you with their subtle intensity. From the haunting croon of “Poisoned Rivers” to the potent honky tonk kick of “Never Was A Dancer,” Mike’s versatile, emotive voice tells life-brimming stories that are both enjoyable and thought-provoking. He can snarl at you with the gutsy rock edge of “Walk In The Mud” or coerce a lump in your throat with “How To Tell A Friend Goodby.” As Nashville finally heads back to its roots, you would have to think that would bode well for Mike Younger, a not yet hugely famous hard-working songsmith who really deserves to have wider spread attention to his wonderful music. – MW