Steve Grimm – Bad Boys Bad Girls

Steve Grimm – Bad Boys Bad Girls
One of Milwaukee’s most famous bad boys is still cranking out the tunes decades since he first co-founded the “band Milwaukee made famous.” When Steve Grimm kicks off his latest effort with “You And Me Against The World,” it is plainly obvious he has not lost any of his passion to rock, with a delectable mix of edginess and harmonic hooks. “Saints And Sinners” has a snarling intensity while “American Legs” cuts loose a nasty boogie quality with both songs harkening back to the early days of Bad Boy. Steve is quite adept at showing an occasional mellower facet to his songwriting, particularly noticeable in the rootsy “Broken” and the subtly potent power ballad “End Of The Story.” The tunes prove Steve’s songwriting strength has not diminished in the slightest, and his lyrics feature thought-provoking and absorbing stories coming from his heart and experiences. His talents are also nicely augmented by several well-respected Milwaukee area musicians including part-time fellow Bad Boy bassist Craig Evans and “bad girl” Char Fiore. People tend to wonder whenever Steve releases a new album, “is Bad Boy going to do anything new?” I will not make assumptions, but instead will say that if you want to hear some great tunes from one of the architects of those Beer City legends that still have a lot of life, punch, and grit to to them, check out “Bad Boys Bad Girls.” Steve and his cohorts will more than satisfy your cravings. – MW