Cookie Rabinowitz – Four Eyed Soul

Cookie Rabinowitz – Four Eyed Soul
Long known and respected as more of an alt singer-songwriter, Philly’s Cookie Rabinowitz has produced a collection of new songs that reach into the deeper recesses of his songwriting bag of tricks. When you have the word “Soul” in your CD title, some listeners may have particular expectations. If you expect pure, emotive dripping soul, Cookie delivers, but in quirky and highly enjoyable fashion. There are vestiges of electronica throbbing through many of the tracks, making them pulse with vibrant life. Cookie’s vocal work subtly caresses his soulful interpretations with a hip-hop inflection, adding to the funky vibe. “Sing Alone, Sing Along” launches the album with an edgy but hooky groove and a rhythm backdrop like a Motown-Compton clash weaving delectable harmonies. “Every St.” is bare bones funk where Cookie becomes a passionate street poet, showcasing both his vocal range and timbre along with his thought provoking lyrics. This song also has produced a really cool video, featuring Cookie’s roommate writing the lyrics in rather eclectic styles on sheets of paper while a friend of theirs does sing language of the lyrics in a corner box. Back to the CD, Cookie whips up a sensual vibe with “Get Your Own,” a traditional soul feel with “Blue”, and in infusion of alt folk in “Talking To Pigeons.” You can feel some subtle influences in the music as diverse as Bruno Mars, RHCP, Guy, and The Temptations, but they are subtle because Cookie has his own signature vibe. Coupled with an obvious knack for writing songs that are both pop friendly and intriguing, this is the type of music that can crossover to fans of many genres. – MW

Every St. video:


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Alastair Greene Band – Trouble At Your Door

Alastair Greene Band – Trouble At Your Door
Eclecto Groove Records – ECRCD516
The latest effort from veteran SoCal blues/rock guitarist Alastair Greene hits like a fleet of Mack trucks thundering down the side of Mount Everest. As hyperbolic as that may seem, it is an apt description as Alastair is one of those blues rockers who unleashes powerful energy in the vein of Johnny Winter, Jeff Healey, and the like, while still keeping a blues feel intact. Backed by the potent and talented rhythm tandem of bassist Jim Rankin and drummer Austin Beede, Alastair roars right out of the gate with the all-tires-smokin’ “People.” The thunderstorming shuffle  “Back Where I Belong” showcases both Alastair’s gritty vocal howl and incendiary guitar solo capabilities. Prog keyboard master Erik Norlander’s prowess on the Hammond organ adds extra zest to “First Born Son” and “Calling For You” – the latter a haunting quasi-ballad with an enticing ebb and flow of seething intensity. In his career, Alastair has also been a much sought after sideman and session player, and with the pure talent on display here, there is no doubt as to why. Whether you are more into rock, blues, or that happy mid-ground in between, this CD will shake you to the very furthest reaches of your soul…and in a very enjoyable way! – MW