Capsule Review by Mark E. Waterbury

Kings & Associates – Tales of a Rich Girl
There are artists in other countries that understand American blues. Australia’s Kings & Associates not only understand it; they live, breathe, and play it very well. They take some unique twists and turns into R&B and very rootsy retro feelings, and have both a male and female vocalist who seethe pure emotion whether crooning the ballads or letting loose with the more rocking tracks. We know folks down under can rock. They can really rock the blues as well if this band is any indication.


Capsule Reviews by Mark Waterbury

Tim Bennett – The View From Here
Sandy Beach Records
With Chris Stapleton leading the blues-influenced country rebirth, there are also those who are going retro in the honky-tonk direction. Tim Bennett’s second CD proves that he is giving serious credence to that direction with a great collection of toe-tappers and heart-breakers. With a subtly robust vocal croon, Tim’s surprisingly topical lyrics are fueled by buoyant hooks and solid musicianship. The songwriting is interesting and entertaining, keeping the retro vibe fresh as well. This SoCal native knows how to do it the way the Nashville crowd used to do it “back in the day.”
Joshua Jacobson – Good Little Thing
Fatmouth Records – FRCD 1001
Joshua Jacobson delves deep into the roots of blues and country to create this wonderful debut. Like a roadmap from Memphis to New Orleans via east Texas, Joshua’s ditties ooze a heady flavor cheap whiskey at smoky juke joints, with a dose of fun. Yes…FUN in the blues, because his lyrics tend to be tongue-in-cheek and whip-smart with even the typical blues themes seeming a bit darkly humorous. If you want to go retro, the path Joshua has blazed is a good one to follow.
Sam Marine – Big Dark City
The third CD by this L.A.-by -way-of-New York and Florida songwriter packs an incredible amount of intensity into its five tracks. Maybe his music could be called “Powercana”, because it has an Americana vibe that just seethes with furious power – sometimes tempered in subtle doses, other times unleashed with fervent potency. Sounds like something that say Steve Earle and Billlie Joe Armstrong could write together hanging out in Austin. If people have not been awakened to Sam’s presence yet, then this CD is a sonic alarm clock.
Johnny Oskam – In My Shadow
It is actually quite challenging to write original blues these days. Johnny Oskam proves with his second CD that he is adept at rising to that challenge. His blues tends to the hard rock fueled side, but also forays into bits of country, Americana, and funk. While this stew has been cooked before, his recipe features his own unique spices, flavored liberally with incendiary guitar work and powerful vocal calisthenics. Too edgy and intense to even think about ignoring.
Andrea Stray – Into Blue
San Francisco singer-songwriter Andrea Stray has a delectable knack of taking lush, subtly orchestrated musical beds and making them homey and simple, a great conveyance for her thought provoking words. Think Pink Floyd meets Bonnie Raitt musically, with vocal emotions that will grasp your soul as they flow through various moods with intoxicating fervency. This five song EP is a wonderful glimpse at a pool of talent that I assume runs very deep.

Capsule Reviews by Mark E. Waterbury

Case Garrett – Aurora
Suitcase Records – 001
As the alt/outlaw country rebirth continues, more nuggets of gold keep getting overturned. Case Garrett is a full-on blazing nugget of pure songcrafting talent, fueling a voice that ranges from robust blues-edged to melodic crooning. His vocal emotions help drive the home-spun poignant stories and musically you have a wonderful mosaic ranging from rocking toe-tappers to bittersweet mellow ballads to smoldering retro honky-tonk. Some serious tunes from this Louisiana native.
Karen Lovely – Fish Outta Water
A lot of gritty music has come out of the Pacific Northwest and Karen Lovely exemplifies that with her latest release. Gritty, gutsy, smoking like the engine of an overused trawler, Karen unleashes her take on the blues, making even the mellower songs powerful. Backed by excellent musicians, her thought-provoking stories will drive straight into your soul with her fervent vocal work.
John Pagano Band – One More Round
Midnight Circus Records – MCP 1003
Jeff Healey, Walter Trout, Johnny Winter, and a number of others knew what blues rock was all about. Just listen to “99 Problems” by the John Pagano Band and you cannot argue that they know what it is about. Then listen to the rest of this CD and strap in. “Power trio” seems to fall sonically short of describing these guys as they unleash a stew of rock, blues, funk, and R&B that burns hotter than a supernova. I know, lots of hyperbole here, but check out this CD and you will see I am in no way exaggerating.