The Supplement – Step Up From Zero

The Supplement – Step Up From Zero
SoCal still rocks! Hard! And if no one else is responsible for it, The Supplement would carry enough power to back that statement up on their own. No-nonsense, brash and unabashedly loud, the first strains of the title track charge at you like a cheetah with it’s tail on fire. I hesitate to call this music groundbreaking, as you can feel the influence of bands like Green Day, the Supersuckers, and legendary SoCal punkers like Social Distortion and the Dead Kennedys. But the music is earthquaking, and there is something to appreciate about a band that just says, “To hell with it, we are just going to crank it up and go”. They all have very solid chops as well, and there is enough quirkiness to the songwriting to make you notice that as well, particularly in songs like “Avalanche,” “Take My Hand,” and the insanely raucous “Throwing Satellites.” If you grew up on the brash punkers of the 80’s, better get some Ben-Gay out, because this music will get you testing your muscles and joints by slam-dancing wherever you may happen to be at the time. There should be a disclaimer here if you listen to this for the first time on your car stereo.  – MW