Capsule Reviews by Mark E. Waterbury

Case Garrett – Aurora
Suitcase Records – 001
As the alt/outlaw country rebirth continues, more nuggets of gold keep getting overturned. Case Garrett is a full-on blazing nugget of pure songcrafting talent, fueling a voice that ranges from robust blues-edged to melodic crooning. His vocal emotions help drive the home-spun poignant stories and musically you have a wonderful mosaic ranging from rocking toe-tappers to bittersweet mellow ballads to smoldering retro honky-tonk. Some serious tunes from this Louisiana native.
Karen Lovely – Fish Outta Water
A lot of gritty music has come out of the Pacific Northwest and Karen Lovely exemplifies that with her latest release. Gritty, gutsy, smoking like the engine of an overused trawler, Karen unleashes her take on the blues, making even the mellower songs powerful. Backed by excellent musicians, her thought-provoking stories will drive straight into your soul with her fervent vocal work.
John Pagano Band – One More Round
Midnight Circus Records – MCP 1003
Jeff Healey, Walter Trout, Johnny Winter, and a number of others knew what blues rock was all about. Just listen to “99 Problems” by the John Pagano Band and you cannot argue that they know what it is about. Then listen to the rest of this CD and strap in. “Power trio” seems to fall sonically short of describing these guys as they unleash a stew of rock, blues, funk, and R&B that burns hotter than a supernova. I know, lots of hyperbole here, but check out this CD and you will see I am in no way exaggerating.