Nelson Rudiak – Winnipegosis

Nelson Rudiak – Winnipegosis
If you are someone who savors instrumental music that displays both talent and a knack for producing catchy and even fun music, you need to check out this second CD by Nelson Rudiak. The multi-instrumentalist residing in Rome, New York whips up a veritable smorgasbord of jazz, blues, new age, rock and various world stylings into this highly enjoyable effort. Playing all the instruments on the disc, you go from the happy-go-luck jazz fusion of “BBQ Boogie” to the horn-fueled funkadelic “What’s The Catch”, the eccentric futuristic pop of “You Not You” and jam rock inspired “Thanks Buddy”. Rudiak proves to have excellent chops in every instrument he plays here, including some particularly wicked sax solos and explosive finger-style guitar picking. The production quality is excellent as well, giving the feel that there are a multitude of musicians jamming live rather then one guy layering the tracks. The music is vibrant and created with talent and a pure love of music, laced with strong, creative songwriting. – MW