Hard Swimmin’ Fish – One Step Forward

Hard Swimmin’ Fish – One Step Forward
If you are going to do blues these days, you have to either come up with someway to be innovative or do the old rootsy stuff really well. With their fourth effort, Hard Swimmin’ Fish nails both of those elements. They have the uncanny knack of hooking you right off the bat with the down and dirty boogie of “Put Me Down” and never disappointing your expectations the rest of the way. The music is like a roadmap of the blues – zigzagging from Bourbon Street ramble to west Texas squonk to smoky Chicago juke joint, sliding down to a Mississippi porch sweating over a bottle of cheap gin. From the full throttle shuffle of “One Step Forward” to the heart rending croon of “Blind Love”, these guys really yank at your soul. When a wonderful mix of gritty too-many-smokes-and-heartbreaks vocals, sweet guitar licks, driving boogie rhythms, and some mean harp blowing meets some deeply personal songwriting capabilities, look out! – MW




One comment on “Hard Swimmin’ Fish – One Step Forward

  1. Your Hard Swimmin’ Fish – ‘One Step Forward’ Review (June 2014) was right on. Ten originals – solid roots/blues music. Everything has a sort of old-timey feel, but a new old-timey feel, too.

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