Mitch Mann – Blackwater Creek

Mitch Mann – Blackwater Creek
Crazy Chester Records – CCR-001
If you think blues rock has to be electric, than veteran Alabama singer/songwriter/guitarist Mitch Mann will blow that preconceived notion out of the water with this release. Opting to use acoustic guitars and a more organic rhythm section, the result is music that is intoxicating, toe-tapping, and lets you really get deep into the talents that went into its creation. Right off the bat when they kick into the Dead-popularized classic “Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad”, you can feel this is going to be one fun journey. “Baby Don’t Forget” follows with a haunting but snappy groove showcasing that Mitch is more than capable of writing music with sly edginess that still retains some deep, muddy roots. The ballad “St Louis Blues” allows Mitch to unleash his vocal pyrotechnics, uniquely backed by some gritty trombone work. “Hold On While You Got Her” is a hooky folk number that is highly infectious. Sprinkled with the right amount of instrumentation by top-notch players including the delectable harp work of Jimmy Hall, this must just has such great grooves that you cannot help but groove right along with it. – MW