Michael-Ann – Heavy Load

Michael-Ann – “Heavy Load”
If Nashville is going to wake up and step further away from the generic pop country of too many recent years, Michael-Ann could be someone who helps them take those steps. This L.A. based lady who grew up in Kansas City has a very solid grasp of her roots, channeling some of the bluesy influences of the “great ladies” to give you an idea she really feels what she is thinking. “Any Day” has a rocking bluegrassy edge that while hooky has an edgy intensity that keeps it from being typified. “Heavy Load” is a Americana ballad where her vocal timbre, power and emotion all shine brightly. “Nevermind” has a gritty western edge, feeling like something the cowboys of old may like to hear in a saloon after a tough day at the ranch. Michael-Ann is a thought-provoking lyricist, something often lacking in modern country, but she manages to make her words heartfelt and homey, both comforting and poignant in their delivery. She has a top notch band of players backing her and the music is a perfect accompaniment to her vocal talents. If she can navigate the miasma of the current country music scene uncompromised, she has the capability of being one of country’s hot rising stars. – MW