Christmas Music – Jeffrey Michael

Jeffrey Michael – Christmas Music
Fireheart Music
Jeffrey Michael is a phenomenally talented pianist/keyboardist/composer who has been brightening people’s lives with his music for a number of years now. He now shines an incredibly enjoyable light on the yuletide season with this mesmerizing collection of classic songs. His talents make these beloved tunes even more beloved, as his reverent but life-brimming takes on them will warm the hearts of even the most ardent Scrooge. “Oh Holy Night,” a song usually recognized more for it’s vocal intensity is instead fused with a subtle power and vibrance that is stunning without the words. Sweeping classical arrangements of “Ode To Joy” and Pachelbel’s “Canon” really showcase the wonderment Jeffrey can create with his fingers. “Carol Of The Bells” takes you through a lush musical landscape while caressing your soul. There are also a couple of wonderful original compositions here, the breathless ambiance of “Christmas Music” and soothing warmth of “Christmas Lullaby.” If you love piano music and want to experience the joy of someone who infuses serious passion into creating piano music, do yourself a favor and check out this excellent collection. It will refresh your holiday pirit for years to come. Available for download on itunes. – MW


Tune In To MIND Radio: A tribute to multi-talented vocalist Kelly Keeling


For those who don’t know of Kelly Keeling, he is one of those journeymen rock vocalists who has immense talent but has not always received the recognition he deserves. “Tune In To Mind Radio” tributes Keeling with an eclectic collection of songs that nod to another faucet of Keeling’s abilities – his prolific songwriting. “Perfect Day” originally featured on “Carmine Appice’s Guitar Zeus” kicks off the CD with an edgier alt-rock slant arranged by Atlanta based Anthony Z’sler, and features the original Guitar Zeus rhythm tandem of Appice and bassist Tony Franklin. “Rising of the Snake”, originally from Keeling’s solo CD “Giving Sight To The Eye”, retains the hard-hitting, metal-grunge punch fueled by vocalist/guitarist Park Sipes of NC based band Sunset Strip. “Free”, with the original version making an appearance in the indie movie “Kill Speed”, is a powerful acoustic ballad interpreted by North Carolinian Marty Paris (Barbarian Way), who also recorded the Paris Keeling project with Keeling. There are also three wonderful instrumental takes of Keeling’s works here. “Morning Song” is turned into a stunningly beautiful piano ballad by veteran new age pianist Jeffrey Michael. Greg “Cos” Cerenzia cranks up a hard rocking take on “In And Out of Time” that shows excellent guitar work without being too flashy. New age guitarist Dominic Gaudious contributes his own originally written tribute “Hombre Salvaje,” a rocking, funky repast with just the right touch of didjeridoo. This highly enjoyable collection of songs is a great tribute to Keeling as it is itself a microcosm of the eclectic songwriting styles and deep pool of talents he possesses. Any fan of Kelly Keeling should love this, as well as fans of the musicians who performed on it, and people who just love good, highly listenable songs from multiple genres.; – MW

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