Jackie Brown Band – Life’s A Party 

Milwaukee’s Jackie Brown is honing her talents and it is very obvious with her new release. The six new tracks and remixed versions of her debut EP display some seriously entertaining music, toeing the country/rock line, but with much more depth. The title track is a hard-punching rocker melded with touches of reggae and hip-hop, definitely backing up the song’s title. “Crae Crae” has a nice folksy groove with a subtle potency, and “Time Wasted” cuts loose with a funky, country-blues grit. Jackie can handle ballads with emotive grace, as she does in the powerful “With Out You.” I previously stated that Jackie’s robust, bluesy voice reminds me somewhat of Bonnie Raitt, and while I still feel that way, she has so many vocal pyrotechnics with stunning control that are undeniably in her own style. The songwriting is sharp both lyrically and musically, and the veteran Cream City players in the band are top notch. Jackie is still young, and if her early works are any indication, she is definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with. – MW



Jackie Brown – Reawakened

Jackie Brown – Reawakened
Milwaukee native Jackie Brown has one of those infectious voices that really nails you right out of the gate. Her emotive, often blistering vocal chops reside in company with the great country/blues powerhouses like Janis Joplin and Bonnie Raitt. She is far from one dimensional though, as she effortlessly flows from shaking the house, belting out the lead track “Music Gets Me High,” to the sweet Island-pop tinged “Jealous Fool.” “Bet Me” has a more classic country edge, with simple, honest feelings.  Her talent also extends to the lyric writing, ranging from whimsical storytelling to lively introspection. Her back up band features the cream of the crop of veteran players from the Cream City, including bassist Tim Zylka, guitarist Ben Barels, and drummer Roger Gower Jr. The music they provide is the perfect vehicle for Jackie’s wonderful voice, enhancing her vocals for the most part while flashing their chops in just the right places and doses. When the the EP closes out all to quickly with the delectable ditty “Gotta Love Me Right,” you know you are listening to a lady with limitless potential. – MW