Iron Bridge Band – Against The Grain

Iron Bridge Band – Against The Grain
To say that New Jersey is fertile ground in the cultivation of rock and roll is an understatement. Iron Bridge Band is making there own statement that the Garden State’s crop of great bands is nowhere near petering out…a loud and clear statement. The type of ride you are going to be taken on is apparent when the fivesome hits the accelerator with the hooky but raucous opening track “A Little Too High.” While there is plenty of just straight ahead jeans-and-t-shirt rock and roll here, there is further stylistic depth to the music. “America Boss” and “Every” have strong Americana roots, while “Backwoods Charm” feels more Macon than Trenton. “Day Get Me Down” is a passionate ballad that pays homage to the soul influences of the region. The bare bones, folksy “Light In August” show you don’t have to be loud to be potent. I’m not going to be hyperbolic and say they are next Springsteen/Bon Jovi/Skid Row or whoever. What I am saying is they do New Jersey proud, they do rock and roll proud, they do music proud. This is music that grabs you in many ways, and they are not riding the coattails of the bands I just mentioned, other then the fact that they are from the same geographical location, and they have the talent and the passion to produce some killer tunes.  – MW