Dominic Gaudious – AcousticElectric

Dominic Gaudious – AcousticElectric
Dominic Gaudious is undeniably an acoustic instrumental guitar maestro. He has released numerous albums over the years showcasing his prowess on the six and twelve strings, along with his other musical weapon of choice: the didgeridoo. Starting mostly in the new age realm, Dominic has never been afraid of exploring different directions of his songwriting soul, often pushing the envelope in the process. His latest release “AcousticElectric” is just that; a blend of both acoustic and electric stylings mostly in full-band sound configurations. An immediate astonishing factor is that Dominic handles all the instruments on this album, graduating to an ethereal multi-instrumentalist plane. The lively groove of “Downtown Springs” launches the CD with delectable fervor. Songs like “Mouse House” and “Inside The Trance” pulses with an electronica feel –  the latter sizzling with wicked but tempered electric guitar licks. After the whimsical ditty “The Happy Hobbitt,” you are treated to the frenetic, world-music kissed title track, the country-tinged rocker “Moonshine,” and “Satriani,” a wonderful tribute to one of Dominic’s influences. The final two songs actually feature some subtle vocal work by David Cagle with “1000 Years Alone” being a stunning prog-rock fueled composition. This is some of Dominic’s most innovative music releases yet, proving that even after being on the scene for a long time, he still has a massive and deep talent reservoir to draw from. His songwriting inventiveness seems limitless as he demonstrates multiple times on this phenomenal effort.  – MW


Dominic Gaudious – Music From Darkness

Dominic Gaudious – Music From Darkness
Dominic Gaudious is widely known and heralded for his talents on the acoustic and electric guitars, and didjeridoo. In his new recording, Dominic reaches into further depths of his musical prowess as well as delving deep into his songwriting soul for what turns out to be a thoroughly mesmerizing effort. Fueled by synthesized instrumentation, Dominic draws the listener into his feelings and emotions with graceful, ambient soundscapes. The songs “On My Saddest Days,” “You Left Me Suffering” and “I Have Nothing Now” harken of soul bearing, introspective emotion that swirls around the listener and touches the heart. The music becomes more uplifting with tracks like “There Is New Belief” and “You Can’t Hurt Me Now”, caressing the soul like cool waters and sun-splashed landscapes. Dominic’s signature work on guitar and didjeridoo are wonderfully interjected into “Stop Pushing Me Out” and “Let’s Go to Australia” respectively. You may run a gamut of emotions while listening to this CD, but that is most likely the point here. By the time the CD ends with the more joyful feeling “Just Bounce Away” and “Transformed”, you feel like you have truly experienced the soul of this talented songsmith, while still being able to savor the incredible musicianship put into it. – MW


Dominic Gaudious – The Dominic Didgeridoo Express

Dominic Gaudious – The Dominic Didgeridoo Express
Dominic Gaudious has established himself over the years as being a highly talented and eclectic musician, known for his guitar prowess ranging from new age to rock and about every main drag and side road in between. Dominic is also very well-versed in playing the exotic Australian didgeridoo, often playing both the “didge” and guitar at the same time. While this latest release is not the first time Dominic has brought the didge to a higher prominence in one of his recordings, he does push the songwriting envelope even further here than he has done in the past. “Wild Man” for example has some absolutely smoking guitar riffs interspersed with various tonal pyrotechnics on the didge. Dominic delves into various world music in songs such as “Italy To France,” “Rubber Tree”  and “Northern Territory” although other world embellishments subtly appear in many of the songs. There is definitely a more rock vibe that permeates this recording as well, from the psychedelic touches in “Hippie Dance Music” to the gritty drive of “Adrenal Fatigue.” Despite Dominic mostly being known for instrumental work, the CD includes vocal songs with Michelle Amato from Yanni and Kelly Keeling from the band Baton Rouge, two noted guests who have contributed their talents. The guest list does not stop there however. Legendary session drummer Gregg Bissonette drives the beats on most of the tracks, with Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani), Dave Weiner (Steve Vai), and Tony Franklin (The Firm) all lending their prodigious musicianship on many of the tunes as well. Dominic shows us something more with this CD drawn his deep pool of talents. This is a recording created by someone with an extreme passion for music who loves what he is doing right now – a gift to his loyal fans and a refreshing new experience to those who may not be familiar with the musical talent of Dominic Gaudious.  – MW

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