Gaetano Letizia & the Underworld Blues Band – Beatles Blues Blast

Gaetano Letizia & the Underworld Blues Band – Beatles Blues Blast
The Beatles are one of those bands that if you do a tribute album to their music, you better hit the ball out of the park, lest you commit musical blasphemy. Cleveland’s Gaetano Letizia not only hits it out of the park, it is a grand slam into the parking lot. The veteran blues guitar slinger and his power trio manage to pay respectful homage to the Beatles while also flashing their prodigious musical chops in an entertaining fashion. A blues tribute to the Beatles is by no means a stretch because, as any fan knowsm the Fab Four loved and were often influenced by American blues. Most of the songs carry the essence of the originals, laced with Gaetano’s stunning guitar work, and the stoic but intricate rhythms of bassist Lenny Gray and drummer Mike D’Elia. Some, however, kick a bit a different groove into gear, particularly the songs that have had well known covers done before; “Come Together,” With A Little Help From My Friends,” and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” The latter is a particularly gutsy and intriguing version that stands out against the famous versions by Jeff Healey and Prince. The trio is unafraid to do things a bit differently such as in a Cream-ish instrumental take on “Do It In The Road,” a smoky roadhouse tilt to “A Day In The Life.”  and a snappy shuffle ditty-fueled “Tax Man.” Beatles fans won’t be disappointed and neither will blues lovers because this is a great and unique tribute that is both fun and respectful. – MW