Dyanne Harvey – Whiskey and Wine

Dyanne Harvey – Whiskey and Wine
Eden Records
With this five song EP, Illinois farm girl Dyanne Harvey packs a lot of musical enjoyment into a few tracks. Culling influences both from the grand ladies of country and more modern alt folk purveyors like Bon Iver, Dyanne is going to open a lot of ears up here. “Nothin’ New” kicks off the EP with a subtle hooky vibe, but enough edge to crossover beyond country. The title track is a searing ballad where Dyanne’s stunning vocal work is on display. “Run” is a foot stomper with a bit of a unique borscht-belt feel that blends wonderfully with the intense but haunting vocals. The final track “Don’t Grow Old Without Me” is a bit more bare bones song that really draws you deep into both Dyanne’s talents and her passion for writing. Keep an eye out on this young lady. If these few songs are any indication, she could be headed places.