World Church Unites – Maker Of The Heavens

World Church Unites – Maker Of The Heavens
Ever since Marty Paris shifted his musical talents from the secular world to praising God with his music, you can tell he reaches into the furthest depths of his passion when he writes songs. His latest effort “Maker Of The Heavens” under the praise band moniker World Church Unites exemplifies those passions on wonderful fashion, with reverent, touching songs that also carry a subtle potency. Joining Marty once again is long time cohort Parker Sipes, another secular musician impassioned by a higher calling. Amber-Lee Garcia adds further vocal intensity and reverence to the music. Thom Bumgarner on bass and Steve Niewulis round out the top-notch rhythm section. From the first strains of “It Is Finished” you can tell where the songwriters’ hearts are at, as the harmonic potency goes straight to your soul. “Spirit Breath” is a bit mellower, kissed by luscious piano passages, but infused with the power of Amber-Lee’s vocals. You are also treated to a wonderful reworking of Marty’s earlier hit “To Be Saved.” Any fans of praise artists such as Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman will no doubt thoroughly enjoy the unbridled soul bearing love that pours out from this music, but there is more to this CD than just the music itself.  “Love Eternally” ends the CD showcasing Marty’s vocal prowess with a sort of quiet dignity, before his spoken words explain how this latest music effort was created to uphold the very noble cause of Third World Vision, a non-profit foundation striving to bring clean water technologies to the impoverished areas of the globe. Those who donate to this cause will receive a free physical copy of this album. Beautiful music created with reverent passion and the ability to help those less fortunate definitely helps to exemplify what true worship music is all about. – MW



Christ Church Worship Band

Christ Church Worship Band
Worship and praise bands are very popular at churches today. While many perform versions of tried-and-true acts such as Hillsong United, Chris Tomlin and Casting Crowns, many of these talented musicians are realizing that the aforementioned acts started pretty much the same way and have started glorifying the Lord with their own musical creations. The Christ Church Worship Band from Lincolnton, NC is one of these acts, and featuring veteran musicians bursting with both songwriting talent and heartfelt faith, the result is wondrous. Songs like “Eternal Grace” and “To Be Saved” are as musically beautiful and inspiring as anything in the contemporary Christian genre these days. “Amazing Love” has a subtle power to the music with sweet harmony vocals that make you feel the anything-but-subtle power of God’s love. “Generation[Z]” has a bit of a World music feel, with a comforting groove and more passionate words.  A wise songwriter once said, “Music is the universal language and love is the key.” Well, these are all wise songwriters, too, who obviously feel their passions and exhibit a heartfelt joy in spreading the Word to comfort those who already believe and reach those who do not. – MW


Marty Paris – To Be Saved (Single and Video)

Marty Paris – To Be Saved (Single and Video)
CCM recording artist Marty Paris cut his teeth writing, recording and performing with several secular artists including some noted national artists. His musical maturity and talents are showcased on this wonderful effort. Marty obviously has deep passions for his Lord and Creator, as “To Be Saved” practically bursts at the seems with his feelings. His talent shines through even fbrighter in the fact that while his emotion is pouring forth, he does it in a non-pretentious fashion, letting his words of faith and the subtle power of his music caress and comfort the listener. Musically, the song is very strong and stands up to anything CCM artists such as Newsboys, Casting Crowns, and David Crowder can produce. The accompanying video beautifully produced by fellow Christian Ian Maphet at Apologia Productions is done very tastefully with honest, homey imagery that entices the viewer to feel the passion of the song. This is music that gives people hope and we all hope Marty continues to grace us with his inspirational words and music.  – MW