Claire Holley – Time in the Middle

Claire Holley – Time in the Middle
The lead track from L.A. via Mississippi singer-songwriter Claire Holley seems sort of typical for the genre, well done but not ground-breaking, which may seem a bit surprising for someone with seven albums out. Do not despair because as you delve further you can tell this lady’s talents go much deeper and she has something special going. Ethereal and organic, comforting yet provocative, the music can caress your soul before suddenly snaring it with tempered but heartfelt emotion. Listen to standout tracks like “Traveling Saints,” “Heat of July” and “Love in a Bowl” and you can get a real feel for what Claire is capable of with both her songwriting intricacies and excellent vocal range both in timbre and emotive conveyance. The title track is perhaps the most purely touching song on the disc. Bare bones, atmospheric, and with such rich vocal fervency that you won’t want to do anything but sit and listen. And keep listening as the next track “Bone” has a pulsing grittiness that is stunning. With so many singer-songwriters sounding the same these days, I am quite glad I went past the somewhat generic but still good lead track here, because there is so much excellent, ear-opening music following that I am now wanting to hear more from this highly talented lady.  – MW