Breezy Rodio – So Close To It

Breezy Rodio – So Close To It

Windchill Records – 1001

Sometimes you have to appreciate more traditional bluessmiths who hold tightly to their roots but just do it really really well. That describes Breezy Rodio and then some, because he absolutely smokes through this highly enjoyable mix of originals and covers. He has it all; the voice, the guitar chops, the great players, and you can tell he FEELS the blues, and that is the most important facet. I would hesitate to say he is breaking any true new ground or trying to re-invent the wheel, but sticking to old fashioned ideas in the face of so many wanting to hear something new is very commendable if you make it work. Listen to sizzlers like “When My Heart Breaks Like a Hammer,” “Walking With My Baby” or a heart render like “Please Accept My Love” and I dare you to tell me it doesn’t work to perfection here! What makes it work is the obvious passion, Breezy not only feels but loves the blues, and that deep love translates into music that even the most ardent blues snob is sure to savor. – MW