Anne Stott – Love Never Dies

Anne Stott – Love Never Dies

The third CD from this Massachusetts based singer-songwriter is a stunner, and it is even more stunning that Anne Stott is not one of the more popular ladies in music. While I do hear some influences from the likes of Tori Amos, Fiona Apple and Melissa Etheridge, Anne’s music personality is refreshingly unafraid to take chances and create music that is both edgy and soothing. The musical diversity flows effortlessly from bare bones folk to orchestrated power, from lush piano graced harmonies to potent explosions. Anne’s lyrics are thoughtful and topical, with subject matter that appears dear to and straight from her heart. Her voice is the true star here, from little girl passionate lilt to gritty soul-bearing emotion with a range from bluesy croon to near operatic power. Songs such as “Hold Me,” “Clap Clap,” and “I Looked Up at God” are as good as anything I have heard from any singer-songwriter, male or female, in quite awhile. Seriously, more people need to check this lady out; she has the passion, the talent, and she fuels every note and word of her music with it. – MW