Capsule Reviews by Mark E. Waterbury

Davis Coen – These Things Shall Pass
Soundview – SP1008
Veteran Mississippi blues songsmith Davis Coen casts his heart and soul wide open on this latest effort. The entire CD is spiritual music, mixing classic Gospel songs with more contemporary covers as well as his originals. The result is no less than phenomenal on all levels, especially the sparkling fervency of Davis’s vocals. The music is a bit bare-bones, but still features excellent musicianship and is the perfect augmentation for the words. Like an old fashioned Sunday that you can experience any time.
Hurricane Ruth – Ain’t Ready For The Grave
Not only is veteran blues belter Hurricane Ruth not ready for the grave, she could get the dead dancing in their coffins. She cannot do the blues without unleashing every ounce of passion she has, whether kicking fat-chorded rockers into gear or jolting a ballad with her searing croon. Backed by top notch blues and country sidemen, Ruth not only reminds you of what the blues are all about, she makes sure you never forget it. Trust me, you will NOT want to forget it after just one listen.
Bobby Messano – Bad Movie
The Prince Frog Record Company – BM1-41517
Bobby Messano is another blues rock veteran who keeps finding inventive ways to keep writing blistering entertaining songs. Perhaps it is his lyric writing that can be highly thought-provoking even when he is stick close to typical blues subjects. His uniquely powerful vocal warble intertwined with lighting-bolt guitar work and earth-shattering rhythms drives the words right into your soul. His potency even extends to the ballads.
Better strap in when you listen to this one.
Vin Mott – Quit The Woman For The Blues
Blind Racoon
With his first solo effort, blues harmonica maestro Vin Mott shows he will be a force to be reckoned with. With a surprisingly full sound for a quartet, the music sprinkles bits of country and jazz over the stoic traditional blues backdrop. The lyrics are quirky and sometimes caustically humorous, but what you really come to hear is Vin’s harp work and it is wickedly delectable. Somewhere in the afterlife, Frank Frost, Junior Wells, and Paul Butterfield are having a jam session listening to this guy.
Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado- Change My Game
Ruf Records – RUF1240
This Danish singer/guitarist proves again that you don’t have to live in the U,S, to live and breath American blues. With his latest effort, Thorbjørn and his talented cohorts rip through a road map of styles from haunting Delta scorchers to heartland rockers and neon jazz-fueled fusion, with other tasty twists and turns. Along with the musical mosaic, Thorbjørn’s powerfully soulful growl will blow you away.
Jack Spann – Beautiful Man from Mars
Big Boo Music – AZ51701
New York vocalist/keyboardist Jack Spann is carving his own unique perspective on music. Simultaneously understated and intense, you feel vestiges of Pink Floyd, Bowie with a waft of the quirkier side of the Beatles, and even a touch of Vaudeville. His talents are on full display and while you could call this progressive rock, it stretches the envelope enough to really avoid being pigeon-holed. If you enjoy music that can mesmerize you, grasp your soul, get you dancing or laughing at various instances…in other words, if you have an open mind, this is right up your alley.
Jared Tyler – Dirt On My Hands
The third solo record from longtime side-man and Dobro player Jared Tyler is another wonderful showcase of his musical tastes and talents. Entwining various tendrils of country with touches of blue, jam and Americana, Jared leaves a trail of thoughtful words, vocals dripping with emotion and non-pretentious, but, nonetheless, stunning musical prowess. Juxtaposing classic and modern styles, this Okie is another artist more than ready to tear through the mainstream country maelstrom.
Vintage #18 – Grit
You need to go a million miles with this new band from Virginia. I say that as the first three songs on the debut of this blues/R&B/funk act are solid, but the eight-plus-minute power blues ballad “Million Miles” really lets loose and tells you how good these folks are. They are not reinventing the wheel, but they find their own comfortable niche and the result is songs that have a serious pulse, avoiding an overblown sound in favor of subtle intensities from all the players. Keep an ear out for them


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Jackie Brown Band – Life’s A Party 

Milwaukee’s Jackie Brown is honing her talents and it is very obvious with her new release. The six new tracks and remixed versions of her debut EP display some seriously entertaining music, toeing the country/rock line, but with much more depth. The title track is a hard-punching rocker melded with touches of reggae and hip-hop, definitely backing up the song’s title. “Crae Crae” has a nice folksy groove with a subtle potency, and “Time Wasted” cuts loose with a funky, country-blues grit. Jackie can handle ballads with emotive grace, as she does in the powerful “With Out You.” I previously stated that Jackie’s robust, bluesy voice reminds me somewhat of Bonnie Raitt, and while I still feel that way, she has so many vocal pyrotechnics with stunning control that are undeniably in her own style. The songwriting is sharp both lyrically and musically, and the veteran Cream City players in the band are top notch. Jackie is still young, and if her early works are any indication, she is definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with. – MW


Sara Petite – Road Less Traveled

Many male purveyors of country music are getting back to their roots lately, and if the latest release by San Diego’s Sara Petite is any indication, the women in country music have something to say about their roots, too. The fun and sassy title track gets the party started and it doesn’t end throughout the twelve tracks. Sara is like an encyclopedia of classic country styles, as she flows effortlessly from the haunting west Texas groove of “Blackbird” and the hooky pop edged “It Was Just A Kiss” to the emotive ballad “Getting Over You.” “Monkey On My Back” starts off with a traditional swing style before kicking into a high-octane honky-tonk foot-stomper. Sara has no problems letting the talented players on this CD showcase their capabilities, particularly in the over-nine-minute jam fueled “Sweet Pea Patch” – yes, you heard that right, a NINE MINUTE country song, but it really kicks throughout! Not lost at all is Sara’s knack for great storytelling that is both homey and thought-provoking. Check out tunes like “Patchwork Quilt” and “Good 2 B Me” if you want to really experience her talents in this regard. Sara is a Plains tornado of fresh air in the country scene and  lovers of any era of country really need to check her out.  – MW


Mark McKinney – World In Between

Mark McKinney – World In Between
Mark McKinney has been slugging it out in the Texas country music scene for years. With this his fifth recording, he proves he can duke it out with anything Nashville has to offer. He shows his meddle by staying away from the typified sound, and obviously putting his heart and soul into his music. He is a storyteller first and foremost, following the trails blazed years ago by Waylon, Willie, and Johnny, eventually resurrected by Chris Stapleton and others. His music does have a certain catchiness, but is also a bit edgy and walks that Americana/country barbed-wire tight rope with musical poise. Songs like the snappy “Bacon & Eggs,” potent ballad “Yours,” and heartland grooving “Monday” showcase the various subtle edges of of his songwriting envelope, pushed adeptly to present his heart-felt, intelligent stories. McKinney exhibits excellent vocal pitch and control throughout, not trying to do anything that may detract from the words, but still catching your ear with the emotive timbres. A track like “Rainy Day Monday” is a good showcase of his vocal capabilities. Mark McKinney could be another of those (yes, I know it sounds cliche), but another of those storytellers that offers Nashville an opportunity to travel back to the good old days when the music had more of a raw feel to it, before everything became so glossy and corporatized. – MW


Capsule Reviews by Mark E. Waterbury

Dave Fields – Unleashed
FMI Records
Highly regarded blues guitarist Dave Fields rips loose a masterful collection of live tracks, originals, and cover songs in this excellent release. Dave’s arsenal of talents is on full display here, from the jazzy licks of “Anticipating You” to the gut-busting barrelhouse romp of “My Mama’s Got The Blues” to his explosively unique take on “Hey Joe.” Featuring a who’s who of talented musical partners in crime, this is a must if you are a fan of Dave’s, and a phenomenal introduction if you have not experienced his guitar and vocal prowess yet. 

John Ginty feat. Aster Pheonyx – Rockers
American Showplace Music
John Ginty is highly respected for his sublime organ work with artists ranging from the Dixie Chicks to Santana to Robert Randolph. After releasing several solo CDs, he enlisted fellow New Jerseyan Aster Pheonyx for his latest project. They are definitely rockers…with flourishes of blues and funk, but mostly this is a smoking mesh of John’s potent keyboard licks and Aster’s sultry vocals. Even the mellower songs have intensity and the “rockers” flat out blister. Hopefully, these two will decide to do more musical collaborations as the chemistry is positively electric. 

Joe Goodkin – Record of Loss
Quell Records – QR-1011
Chicago’s Joe Goodkin is making serious efforts to redefine “singer-songwriter.” With a mesmerizing voice and delectable guitarwork from his uniquely tuned 1960’s era Gibson, Joe clutches at your heart and soul from the first strains. Mostly bare-bones but also full-sounding, the music is hypnotic and entices you to experience his emotive stories. As the middle child of a three EP set, “Record Of Loss” is stunningly beautiful and undeniably real. 

Peter Karp – Alabama Town
Rose Cottage Records
Veteran singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist Peter Karp has never forgotten his roots.  His eighth CD takes you back to his home state of Alabama weaving the homespun tales and varied musical styles into a wonderful Americana mosaic. The overall vibe explores various tendrils of the blues, but also wanders into paths of jazz, bounce, country, and good ol’ rock and roll. Featuring many prominent guests including long time cohort Mick Taylor, this CD is a songwriters and blues lovers’ delight.

Kathy and the Kilowatts – Let’s Do This Thing
Lectro Fine Records – 022017
Some musicians from music mecca Austin, TX feel they have to be eclectic for eclecticism’s sake. Kathy Murray draws from her Texas roots, and unleashes a rocking blues machine that is both comforting in its simplicity and ear-catching due to the talent and passion fused into it. Not ground-breaking, but done very well, this music just feels Texas real – as real as a pasture of long horn steers or the star on a Dallas Cowboys helmet. Kathy’s robust vocal croon and the wicked guitar pyrotechnics of her husband Bill “Monster” Jones make music that is entertainment in its purest form. 

David M’ore – Passion, Soul & Fire
Those three words that mark the third release of Argentina-born blues artist David M’ore are not mere hyperbole. From the first blistering guitar licks and the emotive chortles of his throaty voice, you know he possesses all three. He is also unafraid to be a bit unique with his songwriting, particularly with the microcosmic ten minute “You Said You Love Me” showcasing his deep talent well. David definitely feels “it” – that particular “it” that true masters of the blues always feel, and when he feels “it” he slams the throttles forward and doesn’t let go. 

Patty Reese – Let In The Sun
Azalea City Recordings – ACCD-1602
If any place should personify the blues at anytime, it should be Washington DC. Patty Reese though would personify the blues if she lived on the moon, because she obviously lives, breathes, and sweats it. From traditional back porch stompers to rollicking funk-fueled neon-splashed dancers, Patty lets loose, gracing every track with her provocative vocal power and heart-felt storytelling. Her music will grasp you and not let you go from start to finish…but you won’t want to go as all the songs are strong and enjoyable in their own ways. 


Capsule Reviews by Mark E. Waterbury

Popa Chubby – The Catfish
PCP – 54321
A lot of people rock the blues, but if you want it bold, brash, and loud, you know that NYC’s Popa Chubby never disappoints. His latest scorcher throws even serious power into the ballads and, hey, he tributes Motorhead – let that sink in, Clarksdale, MS. But those who know big Popa’s music and love it, know that they will get fiery guitar riffs, gut-busting vocals, power rhythms and whole new round of in-your-face stories. Not much more to say except Popa kicks it in the tail with a steel-pointed boot again.
Telamor – Good Bad Love
Olex Music
If you took say Tom Petty, Jello Biafra, and Keith Richards, and spun them around in one of those cylindrical carnival rides, you could get Telamor. Telamor is the actual creation of one Tom Hauck, and this is pretty fresh sounds from this Massachusetts singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist. A bit raw at times, but that adds to the vibe with driving hooks twisted by snakes of snarling guitar edginess and piercing gripping vocals. Could be something really intriguing brewing here.
Wick – Wick
This San Diego band packs a serious amount of power into this five song EP. With elements of post-grunge, hard rock and, in some cases, flat out metal, there are plenty of raging guitars, thunderstorm rhythms and – thankfully – mostly melodic albeit sonic vocals instead of the too typical growling voices. The music is a bit retro, but in a good way because you know these guys are just saying, “to hell with it, we just want to rock really hard”. Sometimes that is enough and it surely is here.


Capsule Reviews by Mark E. Waterbury

Matthew Curry – Shine On
There is a buzz about this young guitar slinger/vocalist from central Illinois and one listen to this CD and you can tell why. Matthew spits out tube-amp-fueled rock like the Black Crowes and Deep Purple having a bar brawl, but he adds a fresh feel to the retro stylings as well. His soulful vocal wail perfectly compliments his wicked guitar work which flat out smokes throughout this EP. This guy can really rock even on the ballads and buzz may not be a strong enough word…he is this close to roaring!

Dave Keller – Right Back Atcha
Tastee Tone – TT-3043
Massachusetts vocalist/guitarist Dave Keller is known as a modern blues master, but he proves once again there are more depths to his talents. He also has deep passions for funk and R&B, creating a full sound that still is not overbearing and has a very down home sound to it. His gritty voice and thought-provoking lyrics contribute to the uniqueness of his sound, blending wonderfully with the more comforting hooky vibe. 

Emily Maguire – Bird Inside a Cage
Saktu Records
Veteran London born singer-songwriter Emily Maguire is a survivor and a storyteller unafraid to bare her soul, creating another feast of stunning music.The lead track “Beautiful” describes her voice perfectly, weaving her tales in various intoxicating fashion, from breathless piano kissed ballads to to edgy pop rock. She slips effortlessly in and out of the edges of various styles holding the listeners’ intrigue from start to finish. 
Dave Vargo – Burning Through
New Jersey singer-songwriter showcases strong songwriting skills on this very listenable debut. While a bit folksy, it also has a solid rock and roll vibe that separates it from many singer-songwriters these days. Dave’s voice has a deft feel for letting loose the proper emotions to fuel his thoughtful words. There is a nice blend of catchy and edgy here, with subtle eccentricities and just the right potency. 


Capsule Reviews by Mark E. Waterbury

Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch – Champaign Velvet
Underworld Indie Records – UND0028
Dallas blues master Jason Elmore blazes out of the speakers with this intense third release. With a great sense for classic blues feeling, but a Stray-Cats like rockabilly raucousness and subtle tilts in other stylistic directions, even the mellower songs have a serious punch to them. Sometimes retro can be overdone, but Jason does it right. You can feel that he has a passion for his roots, and, when he gets into the studio, is more than capable to unleash them in an ear-opening fashion. Great musicianship, interesting lyrics, and strong songwriting abound here.
AJ Hobbs – Too Much Is Never Enough
Booker Records – Booker001
There continues to be a renaissance of country artists who have strong roots in the outlaw scene of the 60’s and 70’s. AJ Hobbs is one of those artists, and, with his first full-length CD, he reminds us in kick-the-dust-off-your-boots fashion of what non-corporate country sounds like. With just the right touches of bluesiness, swing, and rocking groove, AJ channels his inner David Allan Coe and puts a sometimes wickedly humorous and, at other times, gripping slant on tried and true country subjects. Retro is fresh in country parlance and AJ Hobbs is a fresh as a beer in a cold glass from a newly tapped keg in a honky tonk on paycheck night.
Bruce Katz Band featuring Chris Vitarello – Out From The Center
American Showplace Music
Bruce Katz continues to shine brightly as one of the best blues keyboardists out there. Adding in deft doses jazz, R&B, rock and traditional and modern stylings, Bruce cuts loose with some seriously enjoyable music. Ranging from uptempo danceable tracks to mellow vibes with many stops in between, there is something here for everyone especially keyboard connoisseurs. Guitar fans will love this with the wonderful fingerwork of Chris Vitarello who lends his gutsy vocal chops to several tracks.
Davy Knowles – Three Miles from Avalon
Wyan Inc. – WYAN002
Born in The Isle Of Man, but now residing in Chi-Town, Davy Knowles knows a thing or two about the Blues. He seems to be more of a rocker with a blues soul at times and that works very well here because you can hear influences as diverse as AC/DC, Uriah Heep, and Pink Floyd sneaking around the edges as he tears lose with his emotive voice and intriguing stories. Excellent guitar and keyboard work combined with a powerful rhythm machine keep this one in the groove throughout the eight tracks.
Liz Mandeville – The Stars Motel
Blue Kitty Music
In the second song on her latest CD, veteran blues diva Liz Mandeville croons “The Blues Is My Boss” in her indomitable dusky, emotive warble. She proves that statement to be reciprocal as she is the boss of some seriously potent music here. Bringing in a great stable of players, she proves once again that classic blues can still be very enjoyable and fresh if you do it very well and do it with unbridled passion. You can hear all of the above in her voice, her words, her songwriting and her playing, and she never lets up with unleashing her passion.
Sex With Strangers – Discourse
Northern Light Records – NLSW001
Vancouver BC’s Sex With Strangers continues to impress with their latest release. Completely unafraid at flaunting deep influences from the 80’s pop/new wave scene, they turn those influences on their ears with a modern jolt. Slick songwriting and provocative lyrics are masterfully blended with just the right doses of hooks and edginess. This is a talented, passionate band who prove again that even retro bands can still be cutting edge if they create music that is both catchy and intriguing.


Star Dust

Star Dust
Melodic Revolution Records
If you are ready for a delectable and varied early Christmas music feast, then you really need to dig into this wonderful compilation. There is a succulent blend of original and classic songs with a range of musical styles as well. The opening tracks – the folksy “Raise a Glass for Christmas” by Andy John Bradford and powerful yet ambient “A Million People” by Backhand – set the table with fervent emotion. Hannah and Magnus provide an acapella masterpiece with their duet on “Silent Night.” For you folks who take your Christmas music with a shot of rock and roll, you will get your air-guitar celebrating on with Jim Crean’s take on “Blue Christmas” and the Hispanic tinged “Natal” by Colin Tench with the Christmas Chili Allstars. There are some fragrant progressive flavors here particularly on “Oltre le montagne al di la dei mari” (translates to “Mountains”) by Marco Ragni, and “Winter” by Transport Aerian. Just as Melodic Revolution Records itself has an eclectic roster, it is well-represented by the unique music and instrumental/vocal prowess on this CD. The tunes showcase how musical holiday messages can be conveyed in many forms that will touch the heart, make you laugh, cry or smile, and really appreciate the passion that went into these creations.  – MW
NOTE: MRR is also  encouraging everyone to give to those in need this holiday season. In the spirit of giving, MRR will send a free download link for this CD to anyone who sends them a picture of their involvement with Christmas charities or any other ways that you contribute to, donate, volunteer or help those less fortunate or in need during this holiday season. You can send your picture of your charitable holiday actions to


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Capsule Reviews by Mark E. Waterbury

JL Fulks – On Down The Road EP
This five-song second effort proves that South Carolina singer/songwriter/guitarist JL Fulks is sounding like a force to be reckoned with. Having a firm grasp of his blues roots, but knowing how to infuse them with rock, country and other stylings, makes for some killer songs. His voice has a nice emotive edge to it and his guitar capabilities are stellar. His back-up band also nails it and if anyone doubts that, check out the wild instrumental that concludes the CD. Look out for this guy!

Cris Jacobs – Dust to Gold
The second CD by former frontman of The Bridge Cris Jacobs shows he has really honed his talent and is positively enjoying himself as an Americana troubadour. Comfortable whether letting loose with country-fueled rockers or crooning bare-bones folk, Cris is stellar at creating intriguing stories weaved into a mosaic of musical landscapes. His influential roots run deep and his musical soul is exposed for all to hear. You just know he is putting everything into every track on this ear-opening sophomore effort.