Christopher Lockett – At The Station

It is always hearing artists turning corporate country on its ear and Christopher Locket body slams it here on his fourth release. You can feel the vibe of second generation outlaw country here, with his gritty and bluesy baritone growl punctuating the lyrics that are both homespun but intellectual, driving the stories home with fervor and honest emotion. He is unafraid to infuse influences from rock, blues, and other styles, but, in many ways, this is pure country exemplified by the fiddle fueled romp “Wet A Line” to the subtle old west twang of “Driving To Nashville” and the two-stepping on a beer-sticky dance floor romp “E Pluribus Unum.” “Sweat Work” makes you feel like this is what would have happened if Buddy Holly had lived long enough to jam with Steve Earle. The quasi-ballad “Whiskey For Everything” is a wonderful microcosm about what Christopher’s songwriting soul is all about. Typical country instrumentation including fiddle, dobro, mandolin, and pedal steel is used in non-typical ways, enhancing the songs without making them sound contrived. Definitely another country player doing it in the right way; channeling roots and avoiding cliches and creating enjoyable and also cerebral music. – MW

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