Bonsai Universe – Too Many Ghosts

Bonsai Universe  “Too Many Ghosts”

The sophomore effort from highly sought after vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Woody Aplanalp opens the envelope of his song crafting psyche even further, which is quite ear opening considering the innovation of his first CD. There are interjections of blues, rock, psychedelia, retro electronica, and many other styles, and, at times, it feels like a rugby scrum with Neil Young, the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, OMD, and a lot of their fringe friends. But it all works so well together and perhaps that is one of the greatest measure’s of Woody’s talent: that he can weave such diverse influences into songs that breathe incredible life while holding a comfortingly familiar feel. Individual song vibes range from ethereal soundscapes to bare bones folks, to power punch blues rock and jazzy jam fueled passage and other styles. Add to this Woody’s intoxicating vocal work and thought- provoking lyrics and you have a masterful pastiche capable of digging hard into the soul of any lover of innovative music. – MW



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