The Royal Hounds – Low Class Songs for High Class People

The Royal Hounds – Low Class Songs for High Class People 
If you have not checked out the latest from Nashville’s wild and crazy The Royal Hounds, you had better strap in. This is like driving down Monteagle with a load of nitro and no brakes. Not that you would expect any less from this band, and adding some serious extra spice to the already spicy stew is are the prodigious chops of Brazilian guitar slinger Matheus Canteri. Of course, there are a lot of madcap lyrics here with songs about “Chinese Buffets,” “Pizza Parties,” “Tweakers from Outer Space” and other bizarre subjects. Beyond the lyrical antis though are some seriously talented musicians ripping through songs fueled by honky tonk, rockabilly, glam punk, and other styles in often blistering fashion. If you have any doubts about the talent of Matheus Canteri, just listen to the instrumental  “Manteiga Braganca” and those doubts will be blown away with the force of a Great Plains tornado. They also do probably the most raucous version of “Ghost Riders In The Sky” I have ever heard (apologies to the Outlaws and the Man in Black.) If you love unbridled music with equally unbridled lyrics, you really need to check out The Royal Hounds. – MW

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