Lasers Lasers Birmingham – Warning

Lasers Lasers Birmingham – Warning
The first full length release by the brainchild of L.A. singer-songwriter Alex Owen continues the current retro country renaissance with a winding road of quirky, mesmerizing, and heartfelt music. There is far more depth here than someone who listened to Waylon or Hank Sr. in his formative years. It is really difficult to get a handle on what that different vibe is, but that is a very good thing since the CD appears to be crafted with a comforting swagger. It is no doubt country at its purest with plenty of lyrics about heartache, simple living, and baring one’s soul, but as with the overall music mosaic, the words delve fully into the depths of Alex’s songwriting spirit. From the haunting title track to the sweetly potent ballad “Sugar Mamma” and the hook- driven but still edgy “Wild Animals,” Alex has a knack for channeling subtle extras into his songwriting that take even the barest bones track to a further level. With this CD, Lasers Lasers Birmingham could easily ride the crest of the next wave of bands washing the generic posers out of Nashville and letting real country take back over the town.  – MW

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