Steven Graves – Captain Soul

Steven Graves – Captain Soul
The veteran and versatile California songwriter has created another enjoyable CD brimming with thoughtfully-crafted, hooky songs that feels like a road-trip of American music styles. The snappy “Light Turns To Day” kicks things off with a comforting groove and west-Texas blues infused musical passages. Songs like “Man From A Different Planet” and “Somewhere Somehow” are charged with a Southern rock fuel while you can actually catch the aromas of Bourbon Street during the mournful blues ballad “Walk With Me.” Various flavorings of country, Heartland rock, and even some sly World touches add to the flavorful stew that never fails to tantalize your musical tastebuds. Steven’s band members and the musical guests all are very adept at not doing anything too flashy, but subtly flaunting their musical chops in just the right doses to augment Steven’s vocal work. Steven has one of those voices that can sooth you one minute and drive the point home with fervor the next and he is unafraid to tackle subjects dear to his heart in the words he weaves. This is a Captain who is definitely in command of his musical soul and the results are simply wonderful.  – MW



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