Capsule Reviews by Mark E. Waterbury

JL Fulks – On Down The Road EP
This five-song second effort proves that South Carolina singer/songwriter/guitarist JL Fulks is sounding like a force to be reckoned with. Having a firm grasp of his blues roots, but knowing how to infuse them with rock, country and other stylings, makes for some killer songs. His voice has a nice emotive edge to it and his guitar capabilities are stellar. His back-up band also nails it and if anyone doubts that, check out the wild instrumental that concludes the CD. Look out for this guy!

Cris Jacobs – Dust to Gold
The second CD by former frontman of The Bridge Cris Jacobs shows he has really honed his talent and is positively enjoying himself as an Americana troubadour. Comfortable whether letting loose with country-fueled rockers or crooning bare-bones folk, Cris is stellar at creating intriguing stories weaved into a mosaic of musical landscapes. His influential roots run deep and his musical soul is exposed for all to hear. You just know he is putting everything into every track on this ear-opening sophomore effort. 



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