Rik Emmett & Resolution 9 – Res 9

Rik Emmett & Resolution 9 – Res 9
Provogue Records
Guitarist/vocalist Rik Emmett has been involved in various solo projects since his departure from Canadian power trio Triumph. If anyone questions Rik has lost his rocker’s edge because he has been involved in more acoustic-oriented recordings and tours for several years, strap in and crank “Res 9” on and you will receive your answer. “Stand Still” flat out roars from your speakers to launch the CD with the force of a dozen Saturn-Vs. “Human Race” is reminiscent of the hooky but potent rocking hits that made Triumph so popular and also features a guest appearance by a guitarist from another “somewhat” famous Canadian trio Alex Lifeson. “I Sing” is an emotive and sonic power ballad featuring the soaring pipes of Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie. Even the mellower songs here have a subtle intensity, and often not-so-subtly crank it up as in the haunting blues-tinged “The Ghost Of Shadow Town.” Lifeson joins again for the prog-fueled opus “End Of The Line” before the CD ends with Triumph bandmate Gil Moore joining in for the bare-bones sweet groove of “Grand Parade.” There is a great mixture of hard-driving rock tunes and mellow vibes throughout the well-written CD and Rik’s musical cohorts in Resolution 9 have serious chops. Vocally, Rik is in excellent form with his range and versatility shining throughout, perhaps most noticeable when comparing the searing lead track with the more croon-like ending track. So yes, Rik is still rocking and doing a few other things that may not be flat-out rock, but are still very ear-opening music. Even if Triumph doesn’t manage to do a full-fledged reunion at some point, you know you will still get reliably excellent music from one of the architects of that great trio. – MW



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