Eric Johnson – ej

Eric Johnson – ej
Provogue Records
After years of stunning the world with with his multi-genre tinged guitar rock records, Eric shows a quieter side with his first acoustic release simply titled, “ej.” I hesitate to use the word “stunning” here because Eric’s talents are very well-respected and it should not stun anyone that, even in an acoustic environment, his musical abilities are still incredible. Just listen to the delectable picking and melodic vocal work of “Wonder” if you need a microcosm of the CD. But don’t miss any of the songs just for the sake of one example because Eric delves deep into his songwriting, playing, and singing talents to produce a CD that is beautifully intriguing. Eric’s fingers also can twinkle the keys wonderfully as piano-graced tracks like “Water Under the Bridge” and “Wrapped In A Cloud” can attest to. Like most Eric Johnson CDs, there are instrumental tracks ranging from the raucous country fried “The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise” to traditional Spanish mastery of “Serinidad.” Eric also does a couple fervent tributes to Simon & Garfunkel with the peppy acoustic guitar take on “Mrs. Robinson” and a haunting piano kissed vocal version of “Scarborough Fair.” Beyond the covers, Eric’s writing is amazing as always with the usual aromatic stew of styles in a stripped down and highly enjoyable format. Even if you are partial to his rocking material, his capabilities and creating bare-bones music at a high range of potency is…I have to say it…truly stunning! – MW



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