Nathaniel Land – My Destination’s You

NYC’s singer-songwriter Nathaniel Land has produced another wonderful music gift – a further honing of his already excellent songcrafting capabilities. Nathaniel has always had a mesmerizing voice, feeling like the edgy croon of David Gray is blended with a touch of Gregg Allman bluesiness. You can really feel his thought-provoking words as he always has an emotive intensity whether on the barebones folk of “Emily” or the indie rock power ballad of “Lonely Life.” The songs also have often inspirational vibes, particularly noticeable on “California Blue” and “Take Your Chances,” the latter being a mellow acoustic track that remains uplifting and powerful. The title track ends the EP with overflowing emotions and a wonderfully subtly intricate musical backdrop. There are so many singer/songwriters out there these days that you really need something special to break away from the stereotypical sounds. Nathaniel Land has more than proven he has something special. It boils down to his passion fueling his words and music, and how he then creates songs where the listener can experience his feelings and tales. He continues to intrigue and shows that he deserves widespread acclaim. – MW



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