Capsule Reviews by Mark E. Waterbury

Backhouse Lily – No Apologies
An instrumental rock trio from Las Vegas, Backhouse Lily make no apologies alright…for being talented and unafraid to explore various musical paths. Though the overall  vibe is rock, here is a myriad of stylistic undercurrents ranging from blues, grunge and new wave to electronica, prog and World. Sometimes these vibes collide in the same song, creating fresh and often intoxicating music. Talent and innovation works wonderfully here.  

Mary Jo Curry – Mary Jo Curry
Guitar Angels Records
Cutting her musical teeth in theatrical productions, Mary Jo Curry unleashes her musical talents with this potent debut. This CD is brimming with bawdy blues tunes that have comforting hooks, wicked solos and just the right touch of orchestrated backdrops. Mixing originals and covers, Mary Jo shows serious vocal chops and a knack of making songs both heartfelt and uplifting. A pleasant, ear-opening first effort.



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