Mason Summit – Gunpowder Tracks

Mason Summit – Gunpowder Tracks
This young singer-songwriter from L.A. continues to show growth in both his songwriting and recording talent. Mason’s infectious voice seems a blend of Paul McCartney and the mellower side of Dave Grohl, as he adeptly handles the emotional twists and turns of the intriguing stories he weaves. The song styles range from intoxicating alt folk to Americana; from psuedo Brit-pop to jazz subtleties, staying on the mellow side, but still bringing an ambient intensity that is often intoxicating. The musical arrangements often showcase alternating dynamics from bare-bones acoustic to burgeoning, orchestrated flourishes. There is some serious music talent backing Mason. He has already worked with some highly-regarded players and this CD is no exception as it features drummer Shawn Nourse from I See Hawks In L.A., and electric/upright bass master Jeff Turmes from Mavis Staples’ band. It is easy to see how Mason can attract such talented musicians because his music is both likable and captivating. At just nineteen years old, this is already his third CD, and you just get the feeling listening to his progression, he is on the verge of breaking through. -MW
Mason 2016 CD PACKAGE_final_062016.indd



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