Hard Swimmin’ Fish – True Believer

Hard Swimmin’ Fish – True Believer 
Virginia’s Hard Swimmin’ Fish have become one of the most dependably entertaining and intriguing modern blues acts around. The music is gritty, sweaty, with a live feeling harkening of tube amps, weather-worn guitars and wooden floors that bounce with each beat. Perhaps one of the most ear-opening facet to their music is their uncanny prowess and blending strong roots with modern songwriting quirks, avoiding the all-to-common modern blues trap of coattail riding. From nasty jump to driving funk, brash rocking to mournful ballads, this band pours every ounce of their soul into these songs. The musicianship is both tight talent-wise, also exuding a looseness that makes you feel like you have a bunch of great players hanging out in a smoke-filled club for a jam session. While the lyrics lean a bit towards typical blues subjects, they do catch your attention both with their honesty and the range of vocal emotions conveying them. To boil it down, the CD/lead track title pretty much says a lot about this band’s philosophy. If you are not a true believer after listening to this CD, you had better see if you still have a pulse. – MW



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