The Jelly Jam – Prophet Profit

The Jelly Jam – Prophet Profit
Music Theories Records – MTR74802
Another of the multitude of projects featuring prominent musicians from various bands, The Jelly Jam stands out because their songwriting has created strong songs within the constraints of normal length tunes. It would be too easy to fall into the usual trap of just playing insane riffs, etc. for the sake of insane riffs, etc., and that many suspected when your project consists of King’s X guitarist Ty Tabor, Dream Theater bassist John Myung and Dixie Dregs/Winger drummer Rod Morgenstein. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of phenomenal musicianship here, but they reign in anything that may be considered too flashy to create music that can really get it hooks into you. The music allows you to get deep into the words, intriguingly crafted, and sung with the right dose of emotive fervor by Tabor. The ballad paced but explosive “Water,” gritty thunder of “Mr. Man” and American-kissed hookiness of “Ghost Town” shows different facets of the song crafting that went into this CD. While the King’s X influence is fairly apparent especially in the ebb and flow of intensity dynamics, these three prodigious talents all meld together wonderfully to create thought-provoking songs that will also please any rockers who are fans of the bands they came from. While no one really wants to see their other bands go away, The Jelly Jam is easily good enough to make you hope this is not just a one time project either.  – MW



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