Sammy Eubanks – Sugar Me

Sammy Eubanks – Sugar Me
Underworld Indie Records – UND0026
Tearing out Spokane, Washington, Sammy Eubanks cranks out his fifth CD of blues, country and rock hybrids. From the Nashville friendly “It’s All Blues To Me,” to the funky western groove of the title track and the thunderously gut-busting take on “I Just Want To Make Love To You,” Sammy unleashes an obviously deep pool of talent and influences. He does not disappoint fans of more traditional blues stylings either, particularly on songs like “No Excuse For The Blues” and “It’s My Lie Baby.” Sammy has a voice with one of those pleasant-to-the-ear timbres, but can still convey the emotions of the interesting stories he weaves in remarkable fashion. Here is someone with the knack of taking such diverse styles and making it into his own signature vibe. The music feels like it comes from someone who has paid his dues, and, hopefully, this CD will break him to a larger audience as the music is good enough to deserve that. – MW


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