The Jackson Whites – Hard Luck Stories

The Jackson Whites – Hard Luck Stories
Jersey Delta Records 
The Garden State has always been a fertile ground for music from Bruce to Bon Jovi and everyone in between. The Jackson Whites unites the talents of many top Jersey grown musicians, unleashing a musical stew that more than carries on the proud musical tradition of the state. Some of the noteworthy players include Pat DiNizio of the Smithereens, Glen Burtnick of Styx, Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth and Jack Daley from Lenny Kravitz’s band. Incorporating gritty rock, bluesy passages, a touch of country here and big of Americana folk there, this is feel good music even when the subject matter may be a bit more serious. The lead track “Water” is a great microcosm of what you will be hearing throughout the twelve tracks. Sometimes the music seems a bit Springsteen-esque, but they can hardly be blamed for some emulating tribute to Jersey’s favorite son. Still, the music has it’s own distinct personality and the incredible talents of the players mesh wonderfully together without becoming pretentious or ego-stroking. A great tribute to a state brimming with talent. – MW



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