The Alexis P Suter Band – All For Loving you

The Alexis P Suter Band – All For Loving you
American Showplace Music – ASM7006
This is the second CD I have heard from this rootsy blues singer and her cohorts, and I have to admit, I am hooked on the way this lady belts out her vocals. Calling her a powerhouse seems to fall woefully short, and I am not being hyperbolic by saying that. Just the first two songs are such perfect examples of her vocal talents, launching the CD with the rollicking rocker “Talk To Myself,” and following it with the seething, emotive pukse of “Can’t Find A Reason.” You don’t even get done saying “wow” though when you hear “Another Place And Time,” a ballad that shows a stunning octave range from her deep baritone warble. The songs are all quite strong on this CD, running the gamut of blues, funk, R&B and rock, often in delectable hybrid fashion. Alexis could probably do an acappella CD and make it intense, but adding in a trio of players who flat out smoke really takes this over the top. To put it in plain language, Alexis P Suter should be a star on today’s blues scene.  – MW



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