Kingnaldo – Memorandum

Kingnaldo – Memorandum
Heretic Mute Records
Originally from Puerto Rico but now residing in the far western exurbs of Atlanta, Kingnaldo unleashes a powerful rock machine that feels a bit like Kings X in its dramatics, but has an edgier post-grunge depth as well ala Tool. He is adept at creating innovative soundscapes rather than typified song structures, while still keeping a thundering rhythmic flow through the songs. “Timeless Bliss” is a perfect example of how he balances his songwriting quirks, the seething intensity is both relentless and intoxicating. “Vital” has some hooky sensibilities, but is no less explosive while “Lcol” tilts in a subtle progressive direction. One of the highlights of the music is the guitar solo work, an often lost art with some of the modern purveyors of heavy music. The lyrics tend to be a bit dark, but are also thought-provoking and deal with intense subject matter, often in a more metaphorical format. The songwriting overall is sharp with intriguing contrasts in dynamics, and the musical prowess to back it up. There is not a lot of innovative heavy music happening right now, Kingnaldo definitely has something to say about that though.  – MW



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