John David Schrader – 21 Summers

John David Schrader – 21 Summers
John David Schrader has had a lot of tough things happen in his life. The Hudson River Valley native lost both parents at a young age and then when he was 21 he had to fight cancer himself. Whether his music is cathartic or introspective based on his experiences, what he does here on this, his fourth CD, he does very well. The lyrics are highly thought-provoking from heart-rending dark recesses of the soul to uplifting hopeful feelings. John conveys his word with a voice that is comfortably familiar but also displays emotions in just the right doses; he never seems to over or under do the vibe of the songs. Musically the songs tend to blend gritty rock with a folksy sensibility, somewhat reminiscent of Live’s later work. He has a good knack for writing edgy songs with the right doses of hooks, melded with interesting structuring and an subtle intensity that is intoxicating. Songs like “Thick As Blood,” “No Hero” and “Waiting On The Sun” are just a few of the real stand-outs. John is obviously a survivor and his life experiences have left a deep well of songwriting talent that will hopefully continue to be tapped far into the future. – MW



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