Elouise – Deep Water

Elouise – Deep Water
Broken Bellow Music
This L.A. based songstress/vocalist/cellist has something dark going on insider her. She lets it loose with her cohorts to intoxicating effect. Kisses of bluegrass, carnival music, folk and even a waft of punk fuel her tortured but poignant vocals as she weaves tales of her twisted gospel. This is not merely soul-snaring music, the claws will go deep inside you so you can feel what is happening…then you will understand. The musical is eccentric with horn ejaculations, piano, a variety of stringed instruments and stoic rhythm section, but the talent here is obvious. You know you have to strap in for this journey with the wicked take of the revival classic “I’ll Fly Away” that launches the CD. On “Saturn Bar” you can actually smell Bourbon Street after bar time while “Hurricane” feels like a fight with demons in some overgrown forest. “Shadow Of The Fines” is an amazing light of beauty shining through the gloom. Well the music tends to be undeniable dark (even the takes on “Amazing Grace” and “Silent Night”…yes, THAT “Silent Night”) there is so much depth to what is happening here that you can’t help but be enthralled by it. It may take a couple listens…it did with me, but I was then hooked. If you give it a chance you will be, too. – MW



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