Blind Lemon Pledge – Pledge Drive

Blind Lemon Pledge – Pledge Drive
Ofer Records
When you take your first couple names from a blues legend, you better do it right. Blind Lemon Pledge AKA James Byfield does more than just do it right. He creates blues that can be haunting or hilarious, sad or happy. He also weaves a veritable road map of regional blues stylings; you may go from the back streets of south Chicago to the bowels of the French Quarter, sometimes in the same song. You could start out rocking the night away in an east Texas honky-tonk, and finish up hanging with the “in” crowd in the Village. Pledge makes this mosaic work, however, in several ways – the most notable being his breathless, subtly powerful voice that can handle whatever directions the songs go with stoic but enjoyable ease. Second, he leaves a signature feel template just hovering below the surface that helps keep the sounds fresh without straying too far away genre-wise. This is ear-opening, inventive blues and I would think Blind Lemon Jefferson would be more than pleased to have a name-sake reference creating music like this. – MW



2 comments on “Blind Lemon Pledge – Pledge Drive

  1. Hi MW – I just discovered this review of my latest album Pledge Drive. Thank you so much for your wonderful review. You really seem to understand my eclectic strengths and I appreciate that so much. All the best, James Byfield / Blind Lemon Pledge

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