Ted Russell Kamp – Flying Solo

Ted Russell Kamp – Flying Solo
Poetry Of The Moment Records
Hard working L.A. singer/songwriter/musician Ted Russell Kamp graces us with a wonderful collection of acoustic tunes. It is not at all cliche to say this music comes deep from Ted’s soul and heart, because one listen to the powerfully emotive lead track “Life On The River” and you will be hooked. There is great depth to Ted’s songwriting here, from the honky-tonk groove of “If I Had A Dollar” and the pained blues of “Hold On” to the bluegrassy “Old Folks Blues” and rocking edge of “Nothing To Lose.” Ted shows an excellent knack of being able to hold you in rapt attention through a dozen acoustic tracks that are both bare-bones but also feel really full – something that is not always easy to do. Considering his work-ethic background and talents in both performing and songwriting, I can’t help but think that Chris Stapleton came up this way. That may seem like a bit heady or even hyperbolic praise, but take a listen here and I dare you to tell me the potential is not there, because it undoubtably is. – MW



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