Backwater – The Unholy

Backwater – The Unholy
Bad Language Racords
Although Sweden is more known for loud, fast and guttural metal, Backwater seems to be more comparable to the American nu or alt metal scene. This is a good thing as the music is no less intense, but has a harmonic sensibility while still not hanging on any direct coattails. The influential template seems rooted in more “classic” acts like Soundgarden or Faith No More, but there is still that more modern sensibility in the subtleties of songwriting that really kick this music in the rear with a steel tipped boot. A song like “Black Star” is a great microcosm of both the songwriting and musical talents of this band, with a subtle hookiness fueled by explosive riffs, thunderstorm rhythms, and slick but intriguing song structuring. Unlike many nu-metal acts, the vocals here are quite legible –  just the right blend of sonic fervency and melodic sensibility – the perfect vehicle to convey the thought-provoking lyrics. This music is perfect for anyone who does love their music loud and intense, but wants a bit more from it than just that. – MW



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