The Skylarks

The Skylarks 
L.A.’s The Skylarks produce thought-provoking but also feel good music that seems like it draws more influence from the Heartland. Blending Americana with a rock vibe in a comforting midground between Mellencamp and the Bodeans and just the right essence of glam-pop edginess, they have a knack for creating music that has a subtly rollicking intensity without having to be loud or brash. Take snappy rockers such as “Our Own Enemy” or “Almost Feel the Breeze” as good examples, where you can tap your toes to the infectious grooves but still immerse yourself in the wonderful vocal harmonies and intriguing stories. Songs like “Sheer Bliss For Me” and “Just One Of The Crew” have a sly atmospheric touch meshing delectably with the hookieness of the music vibe. The ambient country tinged “No One Else But Me” shows a slightly mellower but emotively intense side to the band. The players are all talented and know their places – that is, no one goes off on ego-stroking passages. Instead. they showcase their talents on how well everything comes together. This is their fourth release and if they have not received more recognition before, they deserve it as this CD shows a band comfortable with its sound, mature in its capabilities, and brimming with passion to create great tunes. – MW



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