Jason Vivone & the Billy Bats – The Avenue

Jason Vivone & the Billy Bats   – The Avenue
KC bluesman Jason Vivone is a storyteller extraordinaire, telling tales that can make you laugh or cry, sing along or sit and think. Perhaps is is too simplistic though to call him a “bluesman” as he definitely pushes the blues envelope not just beyond the traditional boundaries, but beyond many traditional offshoots as well. His music backdrops are eclectic – he is unafraid to break away from any blues purist ideology and twist the music into his own signature version of it. The tongue-in-cheek Bo Diddley beat strewn opener “The Vivone Song (Pronounced Viv O Nee) gives you a good first glimpse of the journey you are about to embark on. Songs like the rollicking “Kansas City Blues”  and ballad “Calendar” come closer to true blues styles, but even they have some internal eccentricities. The title track is a haunting, deeply moss-covered dirge with an eerie potency. “Train Musta Jumped The Track” is a wild ride with a catchy, mid tempo groove. This music would be cutting edge no matter what genre it is in, and it is particularly so considering how finicky many fans of the blues can be. You can definitely find the blues here – you just have to take a twisted path to get there.Trust me, you will enjoy the journey. – MW



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