Capsule Reviews by Mark E. Waterbury

Joyann Parker & Sweet Tea – On The Rocks
Women can also rock the blues and Minnesota;s Joyann Parker absolutely knocks the blues out of the park. With a ear-catching, emotive voice with the duskiness of Melissa Etheridge and bawdiness of Bonnie Bramlett, she scorches the mic weather on full-blown blues rockers or passionate ballads. The musical styles are like a blues encyclopedia, with crisp songwriting and plenty of serious musical chops. This lady’s music can achieve a powerful grasp on you. – MW

Benny Turner – When She’s Gone
Nola Blue – NBl002
There must have been a lot of musical talent in this family. The brother of legend Freddie King, Benny Turner is not trying to reinvent the blues. He just plays and sings pure blues very, very well. Sometimes, that is to be appreciated, and Benny is a true artisan who is sticking to what he knows best, but can still creates original sounding songs that are comforting and enjoyable. He feels the blues. One listen and you will feel it, too, in a most wonderful way.  – MW

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