Bruce Gibson – Moments In Between

Bruce Gibson – Moments In Between
Coming from the music rich area of north Georgia, Bruce Gibson obviously draws from a deep pool of influences to create music that is both melodically and lyrically comforting and intriguing. With a soulful voice that is a touch Petty, a waft of Dylan warble, and just the right dose of a Darius Rucker kick,  Bruce weaves interesting tales that fit wonderfully with the vehicles he drives them with. He launches the CD with the brooding ballad “Small Hotel” which starts mellow, but unleashes deft touches of intensity that ratchets up the emotions. “Light Of Day” is a folksy ditty that shows further depths of Bruce’s vocal capabilities. The music is far from the quiet side of singer/songwriting as songs like “Know What I Know” and “Soldier On” prove that Bruce can rock out with a subtle edge when he wants to as well. The bawdy blues of “Sonny Liston” and bare-bones folk of “Love Is Grand” show further songcrafting explorations. “My Way Home” is a stand out track bursting with emotion and featuring a duet with Tara Simon. Enlisting some very  solid players to flesh out the sound, Bruce seems very adept at taking his various styles and channeling a signature feel into them. This is a very ear-opening effort – high on the listenability and enjoyment scale.  – MW



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