Park Sipes – Rise Above

Park Sipes – Rise Above
North Carolina-based vocalist/guitarist Park Sipes unleashes his prodigious talent in his new solo release “Rise Above.” The melodic, modern-edged rock that he creates here has a potent and hooky drive that really accentuates his thought-provoking words. Mellower songs such as “Don’t Chase the Night Away” and “Breathe” showcase the emotive range of Park’s vocals. “Life (Revisited)”, the CD’s first single originally written by Kelly Keeling and Marty Paris,  gets a subtly snappy drive that adds a dynamic edge to the musical vibe. “A New Horizon” is a stunning instrumental that proves you don’t always need words to speak from the heart. Park uses his talent in just the right doses on this CD so you can still appreciate his musical prowess, but it does not detract – instead it enhances the inspirational words here. His lyrical messages are by no means pretentious and are meant to uplift your soul with the honest feelings he portrays. This is a very ear-opening solo debut with the music being the type you can not just listen to but need to experience.  – MW



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