Ovrfwrd- Fantasy Absent Reason

Ovrfwrd- Fantasy Absent Reason
It would be a cop-out to say that the sophomore effort by this Twin Cities-based instrumental prog quartet shows growth, as the prodigious musical talents were obviously already in place. Just the epic sixteen plus minute eponymous opening track is worth the price of admission with a nonstop musical onslaught of key, time signature and overall vibe changes weaved to masterful perfection. Combining retro feelings with a more modern edge, this CD is absolutely brimming with insane chops and intense solos, although they also are adept at throttling back with some mellower melodic passages when it calls for it. While you can feel influences from the likes of Dream Theater, Marillion, Rocket Scientists, and others, these guys have an uncanny ability to find their own signature feel, reaching deep into every minute crevice of that feel to let lose with music that you will want to listen to every single second of. There is a lot happening here, but they still manage to keep the music from sounding too “busy,” avoiding the trap some progsters fall into of being showy for showiness’ sake. They are not shy about showcasing their talents by any means. They just do it in such a way that you will no doubt both appreciate their talents and thoroughly enjoy what they can do with them. – MW



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